Essay: View on bureaucracy

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Reacting to this view of bureaucracy, (Gouldner 1954) forward his argument that bureaucracy is harmful to the organizational society due to propping of the alienation element. The potential of bureaucracy to dehumanize people through regulatory rules and impersonality that are put in place to foster efficiency also denies officials and clients the ability to respond to each other in a personal way. As a result impersonal atmosphere create alienation.

Secondly, many organisations fail to respond to the needs for their creation due to their concentration on the bureaucratic ritualisation (preoccupation with rules and regulations) and red tape (preoccupation with procedures and organizational routines) at expense of organisational goals, thereby generating Bureaucratic inefficiency. Thirdly, the acts of bureaucratic hierarch placing a few leaders in charge of vast and powerful organizations is seen as concentrating power endangers democracy, since people with power in many occasions foster their own interest as opposed to Weber view of increasing efficiency; this results to Bureaucratic abuse of power-oligarchy. And lastly, within a bureaucratic system approach, many of the bureaucrats usually strive to perpetuate the organization even when it has already achieved its purpose leading to organizational goals disbanding, redefining its objectives and continue in business based on the bureaucrats take on the life beyond formal organizational objectives; Bureaucratic inertia.

However, many organizations today are still bureaucracies that continue to be pressured in to change to humanise and harmonize bureaucracy or leave bureaucracy. Therefore, these firms can embrace downsizing and lean production or Devolved management or the De-structured organization as perfect replacements for the bureaucratic approach to organizing the firms.

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