Essay: Increase in Teen pregnancy

Sample Essay Teen pregnancy has been escalating since the 1970s and this has been mostly attributed to the lifestyle of the teenagers and their ambitions of being grown up. The lax attention given to children as well as the increase in the independence of the teenagers nowadays has made them more vulnerable to issues like teen pregnancy. However the rate of growth for teen pregnancies has decreased in the past few years. This has mainly been attributed to the birth control practices and the decrease in sexual activity in teenagers. The African Americans have shown the highest rate of decrease, about 42 percent related to teen pregnancies.      Despite the change in the statistics and the growth of teenage pregnancies in the region, the biggest issue that is faced by teenagers remains teen pregnancy. This is mostly due to the out of wedlock births for teens which is threatening to cripple the nation in the long run. Approximately every year about one million American teens become pregnant. Aside from this cost of the teenage pregnancy is also quite steep
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