Essay: Hiring Unskilled Labor

Sample Essay

Factory owners hired women and children for their unskilled labor as it was affordable. For children working in the factories, they ended up falling ill and dying from the exposure to the machines’ toxic fumes. There was no room for the provision of care and safety for the women and children in the factory. The hazardous chemicals they inhaled left women infertile, the men also developed severe health conditions. Other health hazards came from the disturbing noise from factory machines. Most workers had their hearing damaged and the young ones experienced disabilities from their close operation of the machines.

Apart from the health hazards in the factories, the factory working place had become dangerous due to the machines. Most of the workers had not been trained to operate the machines and the new technology proved to be risky.

Since most of the machines had not been fenced off, workers became exposed to the sharp and moving sections of the machines while working. Also, the machines occupied large spaces and workers had very little working room.

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