Essay: Weaknesses of Interdisciplinary teams

Sample Essay

Interdisciplinary teams that are independent and whose members are located far apart normally face a number of challenges which if not well address could easily jeopardize the entire process of achieving the organizational goals. In the case study, the design of the team does not allow for the free exchange of views among the members. Coordination of the team has proved to be a very big challenge due to the overall fact that members tend not to ignore the crucial role of one another.

It is indeed very challenging to work as a team with people who have not interacted especially when performing complex tasks such as preparation of monthly accounting reports. Reconciliation of some of the facts in the reports needs constant communication, consultation and unwavering willingness to exchange views. However, it is very evidently that the team has found it very challenging to work together (Ferrell and Nessa, 2006). Lack of proper communication in the team is a very big problem which if not well resolved could lead to total collapse of the departments or organizations concerned. Poor coordination of the functional areas in the team is a weakness in the team which could be solved through the members being encouraged to be more open and to frequently exchange their ideas and views (Harvey and Brown, 2001, p. 483).

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