Essay: Young Goodman Brown

Sample Essay

Young Goodman Brown was a young innocent man of strong Christian background as indicated by the author. He was a loving person, especially to his wife, Faith. Goodman was preparing to set out on a journey to the forest to meet someone. Faith was not fully supportive of her husband making the journey, especially at dusk. She begged him to postpone the journey until sunrise. She had a terrible feeling about the journey. However, Goodman convinced her that he would be okay and that if she prayed, all would be well.

Goodman set out for the journey that very evening. Unintentionally, he arrived late. The man he was meeting confronted him but Goodman is quick to explain that it was his wife who was the cause of his delay. After walking in the woods for a while, Goodman told his fellow-traveler that he wanted to return home since he had kept his promise of meeting him in the woods. Goodman Brown appears to be principled and a man that believes in following family traditions. He told the ‘serpent’ that neither his father nor his great grandfathers had gone into the woods at such a time for such a duty. The traveler told Goodman that he had helped out Goodman’s father and grandfather thou Goodman does not fully believe him.

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