Essay: Warriors of Kalasha kingdom

21 Oct

Essay: Warriors of Kalasha kingdom

Sample Essay

All the warriors in Kalasha kingdom were summoned in order to determine who was the fittest to go to Gicheche and bring that tail. Upon much prodding from the king, all the great warriors of the land refused to bring out a volunteer to do the job. The king settled on the warrior who had played the biggest role  in winning the last war. The name of the warrior was Kimunduu but his mother, Nnaji was against the idea since she could not understand why her son could be chosen for such a dangerous mission.

She was of the idea that Kimunduu was always in the forefront when it came to defending their land. On the other hand, Kimunduu could not understand why he had been chosen to go and face ogres when he knew very well that he always did his best to fight for his motherland. All his friends sympathized with him but after a week of soul searching, he decided to go for mission albeit to his mother’s resistance.

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