Essay: Evaluation of the School Wellness Center

Sample Essay

Thus the team of external evaluators would utilize two sources of data in evaluating the effectiveness of the wellness center in achieving its fundamental goal of reducing violence and promoting healthy growth and development.

The first source of data would constitute the student survey questionnaire. This would be developed during the first six months of the evaluation. Notably, this is the period when various organizational activities regarding assembling of relevant staff would be undertaken. A comprehensive literature regarding the nature, implementation and effectiveness of the core competencies would also be done. In addition, the construction of the questionnaire would put in to consideration different properties of the psychometric measures undertaken in the past. Of great importance however would be to review the validity of the questionnaire content to ensure that it covers critical areas of concern (Flegal, 1998). Generally, the questionnaire would include all vital components in its content. Besides the core competencies, Flegal (1998) indicates that incorporation of factors related to drug use and abuse, victimization and aggression would be imperative.

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