Essay: The value of art

Sample Essay

The value of art cannot be underestimated as can be seen in Pericles’ oratory skills. He was an artist, eloquent speaker who attracted his listeners, appealing to their artistic needs. This important tool helped him convince Athenians to go to war with Sparta when he told them that they could and had to win, that Sparta was majorly a poor state and had the money economy where they could not allow money to circulate within its border, among other sweet words (Plutarch 84).

He also loved art, an aspect that led him to use a lot of public funds in building the Athenian Acropolis whereof we have Parthenon which is the surviving art of the ancient Greece. Both the rich and the poor rejoiced in the value of art especially from the religious festivals and their accompaniments that Pericles lavished a lot of money on. This, to date makes Athens the Greek’s educational and cultural center (Plutarch 147). What we can get from this masterpiece is that a leader needs not succumb to the whims of the ruled always, especially if the subject of contention is of national value.

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