Essay: The war of 1812-Defensive strategy by British

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As a result, American East Coast was under blockade leaving only a section of New England since they were against the war and declined to offer help to reinforce America in the war. These temporary measures were necessary to guarantee reinforcement to the small British army in the Canada. The measure of blockading the America ports produced negative tangible impact to the US , since the exports dropped sharply, coastal trade became dangerous, ships were stack on the ports without business, port towns affected and agriculturalists of West and the South felt the pitch.

 It is a point of worthy to mention that Canada’s defensive strategies were directed towards strategic and core areas to sustainability of British control in Canada, unlike the US forces that were scattered. Most important and key areas were; Montreal vital for facilitating supply to Upper Canada with resources; Quebec City enabled and linked provisions from England up the St. Lawrence River to the areas of the west; and upper Canada. Despite successful defensive strategy in conjunction with the port blockade, geographical limitation to the British soldiers.

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