Essay: Viral Marketing Strategy

Sample Essay Achieving success in such turbulent markets was becoming difficult with traditional channels (Owen, Humphrey 2009). Considering the case with MarketNet, it offers a web page that claims to have a great platform to share information on and to have mentoring activities in place. Getting this will require word-of-mouth communication and a viral marketing strategy. For instance, CQU students can become a great strength in viral marketing for MarketNet. Promotions such as wall posting, sub-branding (pages that link to other services’ URLs offered by MarketNet) and group discussion are the key forces for viral marketing. In a study conducted to see the impact of digital social networks on viral marketing, it is found that digital networks such as web portals, blogs, mobile computing, and other online electronic channels have a strong effect on marketing strategies and word-of-mouth communication or in essence, viral marketing. In any corporation, marketing managers considering digital mediums for communication and information sharing must realize these impacts and find ways to develop viral marketing campaigns that specifically answer why a certain media channel or digital network will be used for a particular promotion (Bampo 2008).
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