Essay: Spread of online networks

Sample Essay The potential ease with which one can conceal one’s identity and appear as someone else is also a hallmark of social networking services. Surveys reveal that most people attempt to provide an improved view of themselves in their online profiles (Fog 2009). Anyone can easily upload doctored photos and provide incorrect information allowing them to become what they seldom get to be in real life. First off, this acts as a whirlpool for many facing inferiority complexes and low self esteem that can choose to become different in this virtual world. Thus it may lead to them being perpetually embroiled with their online networks and being discouraged from the outside world where they have to face challenges in terms of communication (Fog 2009). Secondly, it creates certain illusions in the minds of individuals who begin to view the real world from the perspective of their online networks. Thus where a person in a social network may appear to be very interesting based on their activities listed in their profiles, those in the real world would appear bland and relatively dull. This tends to discourage social behavior in the real world in favor of interacting with online buddies.
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