Essay: Software components of technology

11 Oct

Essay: Software components of technology

Sample Essay

Software components of technology are useful in enhancing student learning by providing necessary technological skills and supporting learners’ technology literacy skills (Dugan, 2002, p. 210)through such programs like video presentations with digital cameras, word processing documents, school yearbook and PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, computer based programs that are installed into the hardware can facilitate management and educational instruction objectives attainment.

For instance, Study Island is a program that facilitates individualization of instruction and practice to increase the students’ knowledge and consequently increase scores in English Language and Arts. Earobics is computer software that is research based for students that struggle with reading or have dyslexia tendencies, while Leapfrog is student friendly piece of technology that include products for both reading and math curriculum support. Therefore, after administrator assessing the need can have these software programs integrated into their system. Moreover, Interactive whiteboards, grading software, and management software enhances efficiency in school, with  studies indicating that there is a relationship between software communications employed and the results achieved on student achievement (Hitt, 2001, p. 2007).

Due to economic dynamism in society all technological acquisition should be within budget reach of the school since technology is an expensive venture.

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