Essay: Sexuality is the wheel of life

Sexuality is the wheel of life

Sexuality is the wheel of life. Television programs and movies don’t seem to impress unless they have some sexual connotations. However, is not enough to justify the argument that sexuality is the wheel of life. Oedipus complex is also questionable as Boeree wonders whether young children really have the capacity to have a compound concept like the ‘castration complex. Abelle, et al bring out the issue of gender bias. They argue that Sigmund tended to exalt men and humiliate women. According to the theory, women’s sexual orientation sprouts from a lack of a penis. As Freud explains the castration complex, he states that a girl gets of age and realizes that she lacks a penis. The desire to have one and the knowledge that she can’t result in emotions that make her submissive to the masculine society. Basing their criticism on this fact, feminists oppose Sigmund’s theory for defining women’s sexuality on the basis of lack, thereby designating them to play insignificant roles in a patriarchal society.
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