Essay: Development in one’s sexuality

The issue of sexuality is surrounded by much criticism. According to Boeree (5), Sigmund focused his theory too much on sexuality, depicting human beings as purely sexual beings. The theory is based on the idea that all human activities and motives, whether positive or negative are dictated by the sex drive.

This is further asserted by Mcgraw-hill (30) where the stages of childhood development are determined by their sexual behaviors. In the first one and a half years of life, the child finds pleasure in the mouth. From then on the other stages are dominated by sexuality issues. The anal, phallic, puberty, and genital stage all focus on the development of one’s sexuality. These stages describe how social development is propagated by the search for sexual satisfaction where an individual first finds the satisfaction within oneself, then in the family and finally, the sexual desire is satisfied by an outsider. Boeree partially agrees with this and cites the modern society where sexual images are used for advertising.

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