Essay: Rihanna as a core product

Core product

Rihanna as a core product is one that offers entertainment in form of music to her audience. Her style and her music are a R&B style of music she has the following albums currently in the market; ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’, ‘If It’s Lovin That You Want,’ ‘Pon de Replay’, ‘A Girl Like Me’, ‘S.O.S’, ‘Unfaithful’, ‘Break It Off’, ‘Umbrella’, ‘Take a Bow’, ‘Disturbia’ and ‘Russian Roulette’ and currently ‘Rated R’. Rihanna has had some of her music in collaboration with other stars like Jay-Z, Ne-yo, Timbaland and Strargate Chris (2007).

Actual product

On the other hand as an actual product she has produce music tours that have given her fans a chance to listen to her perform live. The idea behind tours is the bringing of the star closer to her fans, as she performs her songs live, and at the same time, tours and live shows are used to market her new releases, market herself and her goods Starpulse (2010).

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