Essay: Rihanna as an Augmented product

As an augmented product her producers and promoters have surrounded her with products that market her further. One of them is the live performances, either in tours, concerts and disco. Rihanna has been marketed through pictures and posters that are autographed by the singer or prints of the autograph. They also sell T-shirts, caps, and other collectables with the label Rihanna.

Other products that are often sort related to the musician are cosmetic items, make up and hair products that the fans want to use to look like Rihanna eBay. Perfumes and clothing line that resemble her wardrobe is also a marketing strategy to sell the singer. Rihanna is also posted on top magazine covers, while this may promote the magazines; it also promotes her as she makes the cover girl of some high rated magazine Def Jam (2010).

Rihanna is more of a consumable good; in terms of the service she gives her fans and clients with her music as entertainment. She is a much sought after good by her clients, with every new release being awaited for. Rihanna as a product is best placed in time; this is because there is a boom in the music industry especially with the new age of music.

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