Essay: Nonverbal communication and self presentation

10 Oct

Essay: Nonverbal communication and self presentation

Sample Essay

Non-verbal communication is very powerful when it comes to describing different characteristics that cannot be communicated verbally (Juliane, (2008, p. 13). This form of communication is very useful especially in entrepreneurial setting such as in shopping malls where attendants may not be able to verbally present themselves in terms of for example neatness, readiness and many other features. This paper describes different non-verbal messages that I gathered in a shopping mall clerks and two pictures from different magazines.

Observations were based on observable features that the characters had and the messages that could be drawn from them. The exercise was done in company of a friend who assisted in detecting some non-verbal messages observable from the characters in the shopping malls and the photos in the magazines. The main issues that the paper focuses on include the various impressions that observable features could create, impact on what they were doing, effect on surrounding people and possible intentions of certain ways of self-presentation.

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