Essay: Non-Repudiation

15 Oct

Essay: Non-Repudiation

Sample Essay

Non-repudiation is a public key technology that refers to an individual`s inability to decline to having made a digital signature after being banned by public key issued by certification authority (Jeffrey, 2000). Therefore, non-repudiate cryptography is achievable by crypto systems used in practical public key.

Non-repudiate is useful as because if help the users of network with ability to prove that any digital signature verifying public key, private key was used to create that signature (Philip and Marc, 1997). For example, if a digital signature is used to verify public key Z, then no doubt that the related private key was responsible for making that signature. This way, if safeguards the users against dishonest network users who would with to deny or run away for taking responsibilities of their own creation.

However, its difficulty to achieve because there`s no link between an individual in question and the computer (Jeffrey, 2000). This may involve physical security to enforce these principles.

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