Essay: Middle eastern conflicts-“zero problems with neighbors”

17 Oct

Essay: Middle eastern conflicts-“zero problems with neighbors”

Sample Essay

Leaders of this nation have worked tirelessly for a very long time towards a goal known to Turks as “zero problems with neighbors” which has established a relatively calm atmosphere permitting economic growth at an admirable pace (226). Neighboring countries including Bulgaria, Greece, Iraq, and Syria have expressed satisfaction on the way they associate with turkey. Recently, there was a breakthrough between turkey and Armenia which lead to re-opening of Turkey’s borders and Armenia after 16 years of closure (301). This further proves that despite the fact that the country is Muslim subjugated its efforts for peaceful co-existence are genuine.

The second policy on peace dubbed “no problems between neighbors” again poses turkey as a country to be emulated by the developing countries. In this initiative, the country seeks to establish a very strong economic friendly environment among its neighbors (William, 2001, p. 303). The country understands that its economic progress relies on the stability of it neighbors. The country seeks to resolve any disputes between neighbors who it expresses as key partners to develop the region. This has as well boosted by the fact that the countries share a common history and a similar economic blue print when it comes to driving economic agendas.

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