Essay: Management and globalization

Sample Essay – Globalization 

In globalizing business operations, management should understand that this approach involves relocating capital, labor, services and goods across national boundaries and is hindered by extreme national and local policies and legal frameworks. It’s this nature of globalization that has attracted the greatest criticism, attention and analysis.

It, therefore, leads to the conclusion that the hidden anxiety in global business is connoted by capitalism: masses being exploited, ignorance of human and environmental rights, colonialism and a lifestyle characterized by consumerism (Noble, 1984). This has led to global business being viewed as unrestrained capitalism in full gear and is a major cause of disapproval of the expansion of global trade.

In many business firms, domestic or global, the employees and the employers are not benevolent humanists who any activist admires. This is because of their functioning atmosphere, the human rights groups, economists, environmentalists, business regulating bodies and consumer advocates are also functioning, not to satisfy their interest, they serve as checks and balance to control the raw capitalism.

Therefore, as the management decides to go global, the roles of powerful bodies that play noteworthy roles in the global market must be analyzed.

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