Essay: The Legal Enforcement Action of the FAA

For the purposes of protecting the safety of the traveling public as well as furthering public interest, the FAA has the power of issuing an emergency order to forbid a pilot from operating a specific flight if the aircraft has a particular pilot or pilots or to suspend the certificate of a pilot so as to maximize the safety of flight of civil aircraft. This can be achieved either verbally or in writing.

In this case, the assistant chief counsel responsible for the region should consult with the regional administration where possible if the consultation does not delay the necessary action to ensure aviation safety. The FAA further establishes that if time permits, any orders given should be in form of writing.

The contents of the document are usually spoken to the pilot. If issued orally, the order is usually communicated orally by the inspector to avoid operations that could be detrimental to the safety of aircraft; however, the oral order is usually followed in writing immediately after being communicated orally. Each order, communicated either orally or written format should state the grounds under which it was issued. It must also notify the pilot of their right of appeal, if applicable. The policy also requires that orders are supposed to be served as early as possible to the pilot as accorded in the order.

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