Essay: Target Market Decision

One of the decisions the retailers have to make is the target market decision. They have to define its target market for the ZENN cars and decide how the market ought to be positioned. This is very important for ZMC, because the other marketing decisions for example the pricing, promotion; product assortment and place all support the position according to the market segment. Having a well defined target market enables the retailers to avoid the costs incurred when they try to please everybody to an extent of not even knowing how the car will impact consumers. They also have to make the target market decision to avoid conducting wrong positioning. The decision would help the company, for example, to avoid wasting resources trying to market the car to target markets such as children or teenagers.

        Another decision that retailers have to make is the promotion decision. So as the car can be known to consumers, the retailers should decide on how to utilize proportional tools such as sales promotion, advertising, personal selling and publicity. The retailers have to make decisions based on how they will collaborate ZMC so as to successfully advertise the car on TV, newspapers and magazines. They also have be effective when personal selling; they need to know the best way to meet the needs of consumers and complaints.

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