Essay: Golden rock and Smoke Alley

Sample Essay Smoke Alley

An excavation activity was carried out at Golden Rock and Smoke Alley. The only way to get an idea of the structure of a settlement is by using an excavation technique with large pits. Such methods were used at the Golden Rock and Smoke Alley sites. An essentially uninterrupted area of 3300 m2 was excavated in the former site only less than 10% had to remain unexcavated between the large excavation pits. It is evident those large-scale excavations, and a detailed analysis of all features (discolorations that are the result of Indian activities), are necessary to obtain basic data for the archaeology of the Caribbean at the lowest level: that of the individual structure, and that of the settlement. Such data yield detailed information on the prehistoric Caribbean villages, and that means on the communities that lived in these villages (Archeologisch Museum Aruba 1998). The GR-1 excavations have provided many new, and partially unique, data on the structure of a Saladoid settlement. Proof was found that middens have, from a geographical (spatial) perspective, a direct relationship with houses (living areas). The houses are characterized by a round shape, and strong, vertical supporting posts which were found several meters deep in the ground (Archeologisch Museum Aruba 1998).
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