Essay: Globalization In The Economic And Cultural Realm

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Globalization is the economic and cultural realm, climate changes, the struggle for different markets, and monopoly for scarce resources are pushing in new complexities of structures in the society all over the world. Again, influential authorities in form of governments and military forces do not want to let go of the status quo system of behavior. This creates a big conflict in the economic and political system that is becoming increasingly irrelevant and self-contradictory; it has demonstrated an inability to come to terms with itself. Powerful social systems are at war with themselves oblivious of the calamity that befalls them. They neither take into consideration the ambiguity of social change they are caught up in not even dealing with the situation, they even fail to address their own interests hence leading everybody else to ruin. On the contrary, it impressive to witness how citizens exercise their democratic rights by either affirming or opposing the governments’ policies especially if they contradict the common good. Citizens are not ready to follow a government that is not leading them on the right path. Indeed, it is evident of instances where people have voted out the status quo government so that they can realize a change they believe in. Here, the political change takes place through the influence of the citizens contrary to what many theorists have illustrated. In that, powerful social systems no longer influence the pace of social change in the modern world.
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