Essay: Globalization and Insecurity Threats

Sample Essay Globalization 

Globalization has not solely created these insecurity threats, but rather has accelerated their impact and significance. For instance, rapid increase in cross-border movements and significant progress in information technology implies that criminal organizations can enhance their acts and operationalizations at Transnational crimes carder. This is evident as many criminal groups that operate their illegal activities across the national borders go on successful and evades the law enforcement agencies and the stipulated government control (Allan 2007). Hence this depicts that organized crimes are Transnational crimes in the sense that the main syndicates are structured and operate internationally. This is evident since the criminal groups are Transnational, entrepreneurial, and network-orientated in their mode of operation. This paper defines Transnational crimes as offenses whose inception, prevention and direct or indirect effects involve more than one country which is according to the UN definitions that the paper has adopted. There is a distinction line between Transnational crimes and international crimes. This distinction is drawn by the fact that international crimes are recognized and can be prosecuted under the domestic law of the nation of jurisdiction or international law  (Johnson 2007). While Transnational crimes involve the crossing of borders or jurisdictions. The world today has more severe Transnational crimes such as  Transnational crimes prostitution, arms smuggling, drug trafficking, money laundering, sea piracy, and human smuggling and trafficking. In this perspective, the small gangs come up which networks and flourishes to set up Transnational crimes criminal activities that become a global threat. For instance, the most dangerous Transnational crimes gangs are the Italian mafia, Alqueda, Chinese triads, and Japanese yakuza these are some of the major gang’s examples. The following section shall discuss the Transnational crimes challenges and their impacts.
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