Essay: Future Of Non-Fictitious Books

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The future of non fictitious contents is normally ensured through the continued advancement of the material. Such materials are important as they determine the future happenings and developments based on their contents. They provide reliable information rather than providing of stories which may or may not be true. Books which are rarely published are rarely disseminated. Such books thus only ‘live’ for as long as the author does exist. The authors normally dies with the information unless if they have delegated to other people the responsibility of disseminating and publishing the yet to be published information.

Artistic books also do not last for long due to the continued changes that occur in the modern world. Technologies sometimes render certain artistic work to only reflect certain truths based on a specific content. To ensure that books stay for a much longer duration, it is crucial that the current technological changes are fully embraced. From the past studies carried out on the future of books, it is very evident that the future of books, to a greater extent, depends on various stakeholders embracing new technologies in ensure to have backup of the hard copy materials.

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