Essay: GEN Y is readily available

Sample Essay Technology is a driving force in the market arena and since the present Gen Y shoppers is a major target for many firms that are willing to exploit the market available. Gen Y shoppers is   readily available market for any firm since it has discretionary spending behavior when compared to their parents. The Gen Y shoppers are a positive generation, confident, independent and confident. Either most of the members of this generation possess a computer, desktop or laptops, high-tech mobiles phones and disks making them a very powerful generation that cannot be ignored by any marketer. Electronic manufacturers target this generation since it mainly focuses on entertainment products (Stanat, 2006) This has forced many manufacturing firms to build a product while consulting them through the research and development rather that building a brand from them. Marketers carry out enough research to know about the preferences of Gen Y shoppers since this generation mergers both the visual and verbal language online. They are the largest number of internet users making the marketers to target them online.
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