Effect of Privately Funded Prisons Essay

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The prisons in America are referred to as correctional facilities where people are expected to come out of prison as very changed people. Since criminals are meant to be rehabilitated, the CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) makes sure that once criminals are in jail; they are protected and taken care of. This makes the criminals feel like they were in their homes free and thus feel encouraged to change. There are rehabilitation programs offered in the correctional systems including programs in peer mentoring, education, life skills, substance abuse recovery, and religion. CCA’s public-private approach enables the government to save its costs through consistent oversight and strict guidelines that lead to innovations. With a very high percentage of incarceration in the U.S (754 inmates for every 100,000 residents), it is evident that the prisons there are managed through strict authority by both the state and federal governments (Walmsley, 2009, p.3). This confinement is considered the best form of punishment that can be offered to criminals in the country. Different classes of criminals are punished differently. Those charged with felony offenses are taken to serve long-term jail terms while those found guilty with minor charges are taken to county jails or halfway houses. It should be noted that whichever form of punishment, the offenders are meant to be rehabilitated. The management of the prisons in the U.S is under tight security with minimum-security offered to non-violent offenders and supermax security for the dangerous criminals (Zhang, Maxwell & Vaughn, 2009).
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