Essay: Value Drivers in the Company

Sample Essay – Value Drivers The main value drivers of the company are the internet strengths and weaknesses of the company and the opportunities and threats that the company faces in the external environments. The main strengths of the company include the fact that the company is the host of one of the world’s leading brands. “Coca-Cola has strong brand recognition across the globe. The company has a leading brand value and a strong brand portfolio. Business-Week and Interbrand, a branding consultancy, recognized Coca-Cola as one of the leading brands in their top 100 global brands ranking in 2006. The Business Week-Interbrand valued Coca-Cola at $67,000 million in 2006.” (‘Coca Cola Company Profile’, 2007) This position of the company provides the company with leverage over its competitors in the global beverage industry. Moreover, the large scale of operations of the company also provides it with a strategic advantage to operate and maneuver itself in the new and established markets for its products. The third main strength of the company is the robust revenue that the company has seen in the past years in the soft drinks, fruit drinks, and flavored drinks segments. The threats that are faced by the company to the intense competition that it faces in the beverage market and the global industry. Moreover, the company is dependent on bottling partners for the distribution and quality of finished products in the regional markets which raises threats for the company.  Moreover, the sluggish growth of carbonated drinks in the recent past is also one of the main threats that is being faced by the Coca-Cola Company.
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