Essay: Constant Consultation and Teamwork

17 Oct

Essay: Constant Consultation and Teamwork

Sample Essay

I would recommend the use of constant consultation and enhancement of team work in ensuring that a given project risk is addressed. Brainstorming would ensure that different ideas from the project team are combined, assessed, then better and much clear solutions used to arrive at the best solution to address the project risk at hand.

Appropriate measures and countermeasures should be used in analyzing each risk faced. Appropriate risk mitigation strategies should also be used in order to ensure that only cost effective and efficient methods of managing risks in a project are employed.

In situations where the database specialist fail to show up in order to offer crucial information needed to implement the project plan,  a new audit of the organization would have to be in order to come with a clear picture of the organization and the likely needs of the organization. However, to avoid greater risks and more expenses being incurred to retrieve the required data, experts in database management would be hired on a temporary basis to help in retrieving the data. Should the new manager fail to securely retrieve the data without tempering with the entire database management system, a new data collection process would be initiated immediately. This is crucial in saving time and ensuring that the entire project management plan does not collapse (Carol 1990).

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