Essay: Caste system in India

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The caste system prevails in some parts ofIndiawhere it is rigidly followed. The Indians are always aware of their place in the social hierarchy. Likewise, the role of a woman is limited and pre-determined. Her place is inside the house and is expected to tend to her husband and children all day. Women living in villages, who go into the fields to work, are often exploited by upper caste men and no action is taken against the criminals. Women who do get educated and go to work in offices are not given positions they deserve in the organizations. As a religious duty, all Indians, particularly Hindu men and women, are expected to learn the art of dance and music.

The level of education amongst Indian women has gone up significantly compared to olden times, yet many are still unaware of their legal rights. The failure to bring a sizeable dowry upon marriage will be the bone of contention in the relationship between an Indian bride and her in-laws. All Indian ladies are expected to be submissive and docile, and if a woman tries to speak out for herself, she is looked down upon.

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