Essay: Three Aspects of Friendship

Sample Essay

In this case, it is very important not to go by any advice that is not from competent authorities. All should let themselves be guided by the well-trained experts and not the vice-versa. It can be argued and justifiably so that Crito is acting in bad faith to worry or panic in regard to the public opinion as pertains to matters of justice. He should focus on the teachings of the wise about justice.

Socrates regards it as an issue out of context in the argument when suggests that despite them being ignorant, the public has the authority to manipulate the citizens; even putting them to death. For Socrates, what is important is not what one ought to do but it is more of what one ought to do to live well. The worries should never be based on somebody else regardless of the status. Things should be sought as ends in themselves, period. Remember what has been mentioned above that the aspect of friendship is threefold: where one of it is Socrates friendship with philosophy. Philosophy seeks the truth about reality; the inherent meaning of things; knowledge unprejudiced and without bias. For example, Socrates intention to escape prison should be illegitimate not because it is prohibited in law but one should establish if doing so is just and an honorable thing to do.

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