Should Zoos be Banned Essay

Should Zoos be Banned Essay

Species are rapidly disappearing in our planet today. Experts claim that the rate of natural extinction is higher than it should be. These zoos accept animals and rescue them from their dreadful situation. Many argue that Zoos should not be prohibited because they make it simpler for people to be taught and for animal scientists to gather vital knowledge while also preserving animals from being extinct in the wild.

However, animals can become melancholy and may not receive enough exercise in their cages, but animals die off one by one every day, and zoos are working to prevent this from happening. They’re bringing these creatures in and reproducing them in captivity so that the species doesn’t become extinct.

Should Zoos be Banned Essay

Zoos are thought to be educational by many people because children may learn about animals. But, when a person visits a zoo, are they genuinely interested in learning about the animals or simply observing them for a brief time? Even if a family went to the zoo for educational purposes, they would not learn about the animals in their natural habitat; rather, they would learn about the creatures in captivity. When you visit a zoo, you may notice a polar bear sleeping on the pavement, attempting to cool off rather than searching for seals.

If people viewed a documentary on wild animals, they would learn a lot more. The major lesson that zoos impart is that it is acceptable to keep wild animals in captivity. If zoos truly wanted to be instructional resources, they would explain how these animals are bored, crowded, and far away from their natural habitats. Zoos are more of a kind of entertainment than an educational institution.

Many zoos claim to maintain animals in order to protect them and prevent harm. However, the evidence of sad and slain animals suggests that this is not a particularly secure environment. Animals should be allowed to live in their natural habitat rather than being kept in a showcase case for the sole purpose of entertainment.

If animal lovers truly care about these species, they should release them into the wild where they may live happy and healthy lives rather than keeping them caged for display. Zoos appear to be nothing more than prisons, and they should be outlawed immediately so that animals no longer suffer.

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