Essay on The Power of Propaganda

Propaganda is information that only gives one point of view. It tries to make the individual think something, do something, and may also try to mislead them on purpose.

Power of Advertising

An advertisement on television or newspaper is a mild piece of propaganda. For example, one advert may tell an individual that one make of trainers is best because they are more supportive than any other type. The advert will try to make them buy that particular brand instead of another one. It is giving that individual one point of view and is trying to make them do something.

Use of Propaganda in Politics

During elections, politicians often take part in political broadcasts on the television or radio. In these programs, they try and persuade people to vote for them and their party. They talk about the great things they have done and what they plan to do. They may also say how bad all the other political parties are. Furthermore, each political party broadcast will try to make the people think that the other party is the best. It will only tell the people that one party’s viewpoint or opinion. Hence it is essential to listen and read opinions about politicians’.

Propaganda in Democracies

Democracies are countries where the people have equal rights, and everyone has the right to vote. Democratic governments are chooses or elected by the people. Anyone can stand for election unless they are too young or they have been in prison. In democracies, people can get plenty of information easily. They can listen to political discussions or debates and read articles expressing different political ideas in the newspaper. Therefore, propaganda in these countries can be balanced with other information.

On the other hand, some countries are not democratic, and there may be only one political party. This party may be ruled by a small group of politicians or even by one individual whom an army may back. In such countries, people are given one-sided, biased information and are told what to believe in. Furthermore, they are not allowed to listen to any other opinions or ideas.

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