Essay on Should Zoos Be Banned?

Zoos are places where wild animals are kept in captivity to be displayed to the public, researched, or conserved. While some people consider zoos as a place to preserve animals, others regard them as a prison. Keeping animals in confined spaces may provide them with food and protection, but it may also cause them to become depressed and bored.

Furthermore, zoos have an impact on animal health, and several events have happened, putting both animals and people at risk. Regardless of the fact that zoos claim to be educational, the majority of visitors come for pure amusement. Zoos should be banned and forbidden for the sake of public safety and the health of the animals.

Animals cannot do much while they are locked in a cage all day. Some zoo cages can only hold a certain number of animals. Many animals are confined and unable to behave naturally as they would in their native environment. Many of them are unable to easily run, fly, or climb. Animals may begin to promote despair and a decline in mental hedonism at some of these zoos due to numerous limits.

They do nothing except stand around in their cramped quarters all day, doing nothing. This is classified as zoochosis, and it affects many caged animals. Pacing, excessive grooming, and shaking their heads are just a few of the signs. It may appear funny to some, but it is a source of suffering for the animals. People should cease utilizing zoos to entertain themselves and instead release the animals.

Zoos should shut down for a variety of reasons, including safety. In the last two decades, there have been several occurrences between humans and animals. Harambe the gorilla’s death at a zoo is a well-known example of zoo mishaps. On May 28, 2016, a 4-year-old child fell into Harambe’s cage at the Cincinnati Zoo. That was the day the innocent gorilla died. Harambe’s species is likewise on the verge of extinction. Zoos promise to keep animals safe, however numerous incidences like this result in animals dying. Closing and prohibiting zoos would simply prevent such mishaps and deaths.

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