Essay: The war of 1812-political reasons for war declaration

Sample Essay – The war of 1812-political reasons of war declaration

Political reasons for war declaration against Great Britain, the United States of America was fed up with British impressments. Great Britain reverted to a policy of boarding American ships to retrieve the former sailors of Britain who had deserted the Royal Navy to look for better pay and life in the United States of America. As a result of this hunt for sailors, the British seized 11,000 sailors by mid-1805. The need for the impressments was on the basis of expanding the Royal Navy to 175 of the line together with other 425 ships that required more professional sailors about 140,000. These sailors could not be found in the land of Great Britain, therefore, they opted to press and retrieve the Royal Navy veterans and other experienced sailors from merchant shipping and privateers. In reacting to that, the United States of America felt that the Royal Navy deserters were justified to be citizens of the US; of course, owing to their benefits. To worsen the matter, Britons failed to honor this fundamental right of the US and instead provoked law openly. They refused to recognize the naturalized US citizenship and considered all US citizens born in Britain territory to be liable for impressments. The situation was made worse when Britain impressed Americans. Worst of all was when the British frigates were stationed on the American harbors; in fact in America’s territorial waters conducting their searches, could not be tolerated even by a dead patriotic American. This resultant act injured the American National pride.
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