Essay: Somatoform Pain Disorder

Sample Essay

Somatic symptom dysfunction is characterized by an overabundance of exposure to physical signs, such as discomfort or exhaustion, which contributes to severe emotional impairment and cognitive difficulties. You may or may not have some medical problem that is causing these signs, but the reaction to them is out of the ordinary. It is defined as persistent and long-term pain due to psychological factors. The main symptom is chronic pain which lasts for several months and limits a person’s work, relationships, and other relevant activities (Greeves 75). The pain causes significant distress or impairment of functioning and cannot be explained fully by a physician. It is so severe that it impairs a person’s ability to function. Reinforcing the sick role may play a role in the development of such a disorder. The disorder is judged to be related to psychological factors and cannot be explained by another disorder. Some patients may overlook the significant development of the pain as unconscious conflicts are converted into pain symptoms. However, therapeutic treatment, and improvement in social and interpersonal functioning may decrease the pain. The prognosis for this disorder is poor as the course is typically chronic and persists for years and often involves other symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and drug abuse.
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