Essay: The war of 1812

Sample Essay

The paper has discussed exclusively the early stages and causes the Americans to engage in a military way to regain its control over their land and sovereignty. In attempt bring out the argument the paper has looked at the America’s grievances’ against great Britain, American goal to maintain offensive strategies, British goal to maintain a defensive strategy and main attributes why America failed to conquer Canada and never gained what it went to war for, apart from victory by General Andrew Jackson in the battle of New Orleans over British army.

It was necessarily important that Americans were never defeated by the Britons.  While on the other hand, the Britons were not defeated by Americans in their quest to conquerCanada. In other words, neither of the side lost or gained apart from slight takeover by the America of Carleton Island to be part ofNew York.

The resultant situation of Ghentpeace treaty signed on 24th December, 1814, brought back the respect and honor to the American society to maintain its status quo.  While at the same time, facilitating policy changes by the British in favor ofAmerica. Additionally, theUS learned not to rely too heavily on a militia, but rather have an effective, competent and a more organized army. Although Americans tried to battle with their enemy, they had more than enough reasons to fear the British, whereas Canadians had sufficient evidence to fear the Americans.

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