Essay: Visually impaired children

Sample Essay

Children who are visually impaired pose a great challenge to the educators in today’s educational world. This is due to change in main focus in education instructional techniques that put to task educators to create an appropriate learning environments for young children with disabilities by presenting the children with choices to allow them participate in shaping their learning. The curriculum design should be learner centered that requires the teacher to engage and involve young learner through various activities of interactive learning. The reason to make instruction design as learner centered as explained by Linda (2009) is that, through engaging children with disabilities in classroom activities reduces their sense of helplessness and increase their ability to learn in class.

Psychologically, it has been proven that when an individual is able to create and influence personal change, such as by making a choice; such individual begins to open doors to an endless number of possibilities in his life. Therefore, in context of early childhood education in relation to visual impaired children, by providing a curriculum that is learner centered, visual impaired children shall have an opportunity to use cognitive skills, motor skills social skills and communication skills. Thus, in teaching and instructing preschool visually impaired children, the instructor should focus on potential strategies for increasing the engagement or choice-making skills of young children.

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