Essay: Theories explaining poor relationship with the boss

Sample Essay

The theory of self concept argued to deal with poor relationship of an employer with the boss. According to the director of reemployment programming in Atlanta, organizations and individuals need to embrace the theory of self concept to enable them to manage certain changes that range from stressful to unstressful (Bernedette 1997).In so doing; organizations should encourage their employee to share information openly. The shared information would encourage all the stakeholders to know themselves and appreciate all the changes in every situation even if the situations are very adverse.the organizations empower the workers to adjust to changes in various elements (Armstrong 2007).

Psychodynamic theory tries to unearth the cause of the stressor and whether they are environmentally socially or psychologically triggered. Getting to know the needs of the worker and proving for those needs will mean a lot to the workers (James and Peter). This embraces the branch of offering services to the workers and their families. Such services include the Gym, childcare centers or even entertainment spots. This will serve as a measure not only to counter fatigue but also to motivate workers. Through these workers will help the organization to review its working hours, shifts and the whole concept of working conditions (Cary, 1998).

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