Essay: Showing High Compatibility with Product

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First, we look at the international trade environment which is shared by four different institutions: Politics, Culture, Trade, and Finance. Then comes the international business strategies where strategic measures play a pivotal role in going global, marketing, production, Human resource, politics, and finance are the priorities (Rugman, Hodgetts, 3rd Edition). For England there are many reasons which show high compatibility with the product and the international business environment and strategies:

–          UK has a close political relationship with the US. Both countries are the founder of the United Nations, NATO, World Trade Organization, G-8, and hosting other international bodies as well. This means the political barriers for Bob Evans are removed (Porter).

–          Then we have cultural variables. According to a survey British take their breakfast meal between 7:00 and 9:00 AM. Breakfast typically consist of easy take away foods such as sausages and sandwiches as per top priorities. This is because they are usually in hurry and prefer to take something they can eat while travelling. It’s a part of their culture; Bob Evans’ specialty sausages can hit this large segment with ease (Barrow).

–          UK is a member of European Union (EU) and the US shares an economic integration with the EU countries. This integration means Non-tariff measures or free trade agreements and investment (European Commission Trade). Bob Evans does not have to worry about tax quotas and other trade barriers.

–          The currency difference, a great advantage for Bob Evans. Last week data showed a gain of US dollar against the euro hitting 1.3496 (Forex Pros, 2011). This is another advantage for Bob Evans. However, labor and raw material costs may create problems in future.

There are many other variables that can be the opportunities for Bob Evans to operate in the British markets but there can be threats as well which the company must consider before entering the markets. To realize these threats Bob Evans must do its SWOT analysis and Environmental Audit to realize the cause & effect factors.

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