Essay: Identifying Information Types and Sources

Sample Essay

There are two types of information sources: Primary and secondary sources. The primary source of information is the information that is specifically gathered for a particular purpose such as questionnaires, surveys, etc. whereas, a secondary source of information provides already existing information (Small Business Notes). For instance, this paper uses a secondary source of information.

Usually, secondary information is used to support primary information or findings. In an article on factors influencing students’ food choices, the information type and source were primaries (ProQuest). A comprehensive interview with students has been conducted to collect the information. This is called primary sourcing. PGP can use the survey method as well as interview its concerned population. However, any findings during this survey are further elaborated with the help of secondary information. This is what ABR did when it conducted a survey of 250 users from 15 metropolitan areas (Burns, Bush, 5th Ed, p. 73).

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