Essay: The organizational survey

The organizational survey is meant to reveal employee satisfaction in the organization. It is a survey that sets out to identify employee involvement in the changes in the workplace. The first five questions are meant to gather general information on employees’ involvement in policy and decision making, and how they felt about this.

The next four are meant to obtain their reaction to change. The last questions are meant to gather general views on different aspects of the organization that has been affected by the changes. The administration of this survey should be carried out by the human resource department. It has the responsibility of managing and developing the employees and their roles in the organization.

From the survey, it was found that most of the employees were not impressed with the changes the management made. The main reason for their dissatisfaction was they lack involvement in the decision-making process and the dissemination of the changes. While they were confident that the changes were good for the company, the exclusion from the process was not welcome. It is this exclusion that has to lead to their slow acceptance of the changes.

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