Essay: The Ethical Issues

The ethical issues then include the question of our responsibility to strangers. Clearly, the trekkers would not have thought twice about helping out a relative or a friend (, ND). The decision was harder because the Sadhu was a stranger to them, and whether he lived or died could not affect their lives. The second ethical consideration is whether to help someone at the expense of one’s goals and ambitions, especially if helping would mean that the goals would not be accomplished (Zerio, 2010).

Sometimes, one has worked at achieving these goals for months, or even years. It is therefore not an easy decision to make, and could be complicated even further if one will not have the opportunity to accomplish his/her goals. The final ethical issue is how to act when the decision of the majority go against one’s ethical beliefs. For example, while Steve clearly wanted to help the Sadhu more than he was able to, the fact that no one in the group shared his sentiments made it impossible for him to fulfill his desire of helping the Sadhu back to the village.

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