Essay: Cordial relationship between Israel and the US

A closer analysis of the cordial relationship between Israel and the US reveals that the two could move along since they share the same interests. Shaoul (2009) notes that after the UN Human Rights Council endorsed the Goldstone report, claiming that the country committed war crimes between 2008 to 2009 in the Gaza, Israel retaliated by denouncing the UN and going on to seek means of modifying the existing international law.

The main idea behind this move was to allow the Israel Defense Forces to do whatever it takes to deal with terrorism. This move was sparked by the fact that Goldstein recommended that in the event of Israel declining from carrying out investigations into the military conduct, then the case should be referred to the International Court of Justice. Israel’s reaction o this ruling was magnanimous. President Shimon Peres and Premier Benjamin Netanyahu immediately nullified the ruling and refused to take even one step recommended by the court. Netanyahu went further to insist that no Israel official would stand before court on the charges of crimes of war. Rather, he rolled out a plan to advocate for the change in international law so as to make the war against terrorism effective. To do this, he was relying on the veto power of Washington.

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