Steps to Avoid Plagiarism

Steps to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a curse to education. When students are given tasks for writing academic papers and plagiarizing whole content from various sources, they are left deprived of showing their intellectual capabilities. Before plagiarism was given attention, many talented students who completed their academic papers on their own were sometimes given lesser scores than they deserved only because others came up with plagiarized content and were usually up to the teachers’ requirements. But now, this curse has been controlled.

In many educational institutes, plagiarism is considered a severe crime and is punished wherever it is observed. However, students are sometimes not well aware of how to avoid plagiarism.

Although they do not intend to plagiarize, their assignments are said to have copied the content from other sources. Certainly, students will seek information when given writing assignments, but how do they know that their written material is plagiarism-free?

Follow the steps to avoid plagiarism:

Give credit to the original author: When you use any author’s information from any book or website, refer to the source and credit the real author. If you do not quote the words but rather rephrase them, still give reference using information from the real author. This way, you are saved from quoting someone else’s knowledge as your own.

Avoid pasting from any source: Never copy and paste any print or electronic media content. Read the information, understand what it is and write entirely in your own words. Copying the exact lines and pasting in your academic paper is committing a crime by cheating your teacher by presenting the material as your own.

Give references: Always write the names and sources where you collected the information. At the end of your academic paper, refer to all the books, websites, newspapers, magazines, etc., to prevent you from being accused of plagiarizing.

Keep the quoted content precise: When using someone else’s information and quoting it in your essay, make sure you do not copy whole paragraphs. Use short, one- or two-line quotations related to the topic, but never copy large content, which increases your chances of bringing copied material to the teacher.

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