Research Paper on Scope of the Consumer Protection

10 Jun

Research Paper on Scope of the Consumer Protection

The consumer protection can be applied to most transactions in the normal course of business among the parties including the promotion of services and goods that might result in such transactions and to the services and goods themselves after the completion of the transaction.

This involves agreements and franchise transactions. The scope of consumer protection also encompasses services and products marketed by the profitable organization, non-profit organization, the State or to the extended entities contracted by the State to an extent.

The scope of consumer protection also includes the following elements that make a transaction a ‘consumer transaction’: If there is an exchange of consideration, if the interaction considers the supply of services and goods in the ordinary course of supplier’s business entailing the direction of the consumer and if it is an agreement or interaction to interlink the vendor and the consumers in the regular course of the vendor’s business including in the context of any public regulation. In order to apply certain obligations and rights, the definition of the consumer is also of great significance.

The definition is extended to the individuals that are utilizing the services and goods regardless of the individuals who might have paid for the services or goods or conducted the transactions. Therefore on the basis of the preceding context, the consumer can be defined as the person to whom services or goods are marked in the ordinary course of the business.

The consumer can also define as an individual who has entered into the transaction or agreement with the supplier or a beneficiary or recipient of a service or a user of the goods. The scope of consumer protection also provides a list of consumers who will not be protected as consumers.