Essay Writing Step by Step

Learning essay writing tips is beneficial, but it may also be perplexing. There’s a lot to remember, and there are a lot of small details that might be easily overlooked or forgotten.

To avoid any potential for misunderstanding, we’ve put together an essay writing guide that will walk you through all of the necessary phases and processes based on the advice given above.

  • Examine the prompt that you were given. Even if every student gets the same one, each essay will be unique, so develop your own strategy.
  • Based on the prompt, choose a specific topic. Decide what you want to talk about or research.
  • Do your homework. See what other people have to say about this subject. It will aid you in deciding which point of view to pursue.
  • Look for reliable sources. This is critical, especially if you don’t want to waste hours looking for evidence to support your point of view.
    Articles from scholarly journals, officially published books, and websites ending are all reliable sources. It’s important to keep in mind that sources should be no more than five to seven years old.
  • Come up with a thesis statement. Consider the topic of your paper and formulate a major claim.
  • Make a rough outline. Refer to the preceding section.
  • Make a rough draught. This is optional, but it might be a good approach to see if you enjoy the direction your essay is taking.
  • After you’ve finished your essay, go through it with a fine-toothed comb. Don’t worry about moving, eliminating, or adding ideas at this point; it’s still acceptable.
  • Check the essay for errors. It’s impossible to avoid minor mistakes and missing words. Read everything out loud to yourself or to a friend.
  • It should be correctly formatted, with all running titles, margins, page numbers, and so on.
  • Make a plagiarism check. If plagiarism has been discovered, make final adjustments. After you’ve completed all of these steps, your paper is finally ready to submit!

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