Essay: The wellness site plan

Sample Essay

The center was expected to be independent in all aspects and was to establish a wellness site plan. This entailed strategies such as parenting, employment, mentoring, field events, tutoring and referrals. Some of the strategies were particularly designed for violent students and/or those with personal, academic and behavioral constraints. However, others were designed for the entire student fraternity. The main goal of this was to avail relevant services to the affected population and develop a positive and encouraging culture of wellness. Notably, this would provide a normative environment that was supportive of positive growth and development.

The director of the project was responsible for providing training, leadership and coordination of all activities within the facility. In particular, he was expected to provide direction and  guidance for programmatic decisions that were made at the site, offer training sessions, identify best practices and initiate evidence based programs, oversee the daily operations at the site and coordinate the efforts of the management team, partner agencies, directors and the school district.

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