Essay: Nutrition is influenced by various factors

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Nutrition is influenced by various factors

Nutrition is influenced by various factors. People are inundated every day with choices, major and small. A field of cognitive neuroscience that has gained recognition is understanding how individuals come to their judgments. Theories have been built to understand how individuals make choices, and what sorts of variables impact decision-making. Moreover, hunger is the driving force of nutrition, but what we want to consume is not influenced purely by physiological or dietary needs. In their consultative review about health and fitness, McGinnin and Knickman (2002), cite that nutrition is an aspect that is influenced by various factors that range from economic to cultural and religious. Thus changing the attitudes of such a diverse population is likely to face opposition. Alternatively, the parents may not have sufficient resources to cater to the proposed nutritional needs. It would therefore be difficult to obtain the desired outcomes in this respect. Furthermore, This would be addressed by being patient with the students and the affected population and employing measures that are economically and culturally viable to counter destructive attitudes and behaviors. Baskin and Franklin(2005) note that since the main target population is the student body, it would not be difficult because of the nature of their developmental stage which eases modification of attitude.
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